How to align your work with your menstrual cycle

You might have noticed that you don't feel the same every day and that your creativity, motivation, confidence and productivity comes in waves. The reason for this might be the fluctuation of hormones within your menstrual cycle. 

A simple way to discover patterns in how you feel is to track your cycle, your mood and other factors that are important to you, either in your calendar or in a cycle tracking app. 

This might take a while and keep in mind that no two cycles are the same. Therefore, this is a guideline rather than a strict rule! Besides, it's not always possible to live by it - but don't worry! You can do anything, no matter what cycle phase you're in. Personally, it helped me to lay out my monthly plan according to it, I hope it's a help for you too!

The chart above is an example of how you could align your work with your cycle. Don't be discouraged if you feel confident or more creative during other times in your cycle - that's completely normal and valid!

If you want to make your own chart, you can download the following template, print it and fill in your own information. Another way to make your surrounding at work more aware of the menstrual cycle is to pin your chart above your desk! It's a great way to educate people on the power of the menstrual cycle and to bust some menstrual myths. 

One last thing that helped me align my work with my cycle is to communicate my needs more often and not be afraid of asking for help if I experience any trouble. It's worth it!