Are you looking for workshops, advice or personal coaching regarding menstrual health at the workplace? 

My interactive approach takes into account the different job and sector characteristics of your organisation and facilitates the desired development towards a period friendly workplace. 

Leadership Training

This leadership training is aimed at all those who think in a future-oriented way and who want to bring a new leadership culture into their company with more diversity and transparency. The focus of the training is on feasibility and effectiveness, and I will provide answers to the following questions:


What does a menstruation-friendly leadership style look like?


Why is it worth addressing the needs of menstruating employees?


How can you as a manager help to improve the health of your employees?


Speaking and workshops 

To raise awareness and educate about the way menstruation affects people in the workplace, I provide facts and figures from the latest research. Additionally, I organise (online) interactive workshops where employers and employees learn how to address menstruation at work, improve their menstruatl health and support their menstruating colleagues.

Coaching for menstruating employees

For those employees who suffer from issues related to their period or want to talk about possibilities to better manage their periods at work, I offer to work out personal solutions with them and act as an intermediary between employer and employee, if needed.