What is Work That Period? 

Work That Period is a data-driven consultancy that educates and advises employers and HR and diversity managers about menstrual health at work, aiming to empower menstruating people to reach their full potential. Although there is a large body of research addressing the challenges that menstruating people can face at work, it is not yet used sufficiently. Work That Period makes use of that knowledge and translates it into practice. 


Why is it important to address menstrual health at work?

Menstruation affects everyone differently. Some don't notice it that much, others are plagued by cramps, headaches or a worse mood on the days before or during their period and try to ignore their symptoms.

This is not only bad for those affected because they don't get the rest they need, but also has an impact on productivity. Companies would therefore do well to prioritize the well-being of their employees.

In a recent Dutch study exploring how menstrual health affects productivity at work, 81% of women claim that they were less productive during their period.

In the case of gynecological diseases, this goes even one step further. If symptoms are severely limiting, work may even become unbearable and difficult to manage. It's important to recognize that symptoms are not always the main reason for this, but rather the circumstances at work, which don't allow for any flexibility.

Increased awareness of cycle health, as well as possible communication of menstrual needs, can lead to a significant improvement in employee's quality of life.

The approach of Work That Period

My work consists of several stages, depending on the level of knowledge and situation of the client. In addition to educating employers and employees about the impact of periods on well-being and productivity, I advise (HR) managers on the design of period awareness interventions in their company. Finally, I offer personal support and coaching to help employees suffering from a specific gynecological condition feel comfortable at work.

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About me

Work That Period

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Konstanz and a research-focused Master's degree in Health Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Having experienced menstrual symptoms myself, and knowing how difficult it is to address them at work, I wanted to explore the relationship between menstruation and productivity. What I found was that severe symptoms before or during periods have a negative impact on well-being and productivity for some menstruators, especially in a work context, and that I was not alone in my problems. 


Since I know my own cyclical needs better, communicate them clearly and implement them in my own work, things have changed for the better. Now I would like to help others achieve this as well. 

Aside from my personal experience, my approach to linking menstrual health with productivity at work is heavily influenced by my education as a health economist. My extensive expertise in public health, health technology assessment, and healthcare management combined with my personal interest led me to found Work That Period.

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