What is Work That Period? 

Work That Period is a data-driven consultancy that educates and advises employers and HR and diversity managers about menstrual health at work, aiming to empower menstruating people to reach their full potential. Although there is a large body of research addressing the challenges that menstruating people can face at work, it is not yet used sufficiently. Work That Period makes use of that knowledge and translates it into practice. 


Why is it important to address menstrual health at work?

Menstruation affects everyone differently. For many, the days before and during menstruation consist of cramps, headaches and difficulty to focus. Yet despite these negative effects on their well-being and productivity at work, people often do not feel comfortable discussing menstruation-related issues with their superior. Consequently, solutions that could improve their health as well as their productivity fail to be reached. Whether this is because menstruating employees are unsure of how to address this issue or because they fear not being taken seriously, the secrecy surrounding this topic causes many to suffer in silence.

In a recent Dutch study exploring how menstrual health affects productivity at work, 81% of women claim that they were less productive during their period.

This led them to either stay at home, calling in sick, or to come to work despite not being able to work productively, both resulting in productivity losses. Making matters worse, the majority of the women who stayed at home did not feel comfortable stating the true reason of absence to their superior. Other studies focusing on specific menstrual health conditions like endometriosis and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) find similar results. This has to change! 

The good news is that with awareness and small tweaks in the working conditions, productivity losses can be avoided and the employees' quality of life can be significantly improved. 

The approach of Work That Period

My approach consists of three stages, starting with educating employers and employees about the impact of periods on well-being and productivity. Next, I provide personalised advice to (HR) managers on how to design period policies within their organisation. I do this by gathering company specific data and creating an actionable plan. Lastly, to help employees who suffer from a specific reproductive health condition thrive at work, I offer personal support and coaching. Six months after the consultation I perform a follow-up to evaluate the progress. Do you want to learn more about my services? Click here

Are you interested in making your workplace period friendly? Find more information about the topic in my blog, read about my services and schedule a free first call with me.

About me

Work That Period

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Konstanz and a research-focused Master's degree in Health Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Having experienced menstrual symptoms at work myself led me to research the relationship between menstruation and productivity. What I found was that there is a clear link between the two and that many menstruating people face similar challenges.

However, once I learned how to work with my cycle and became aware of the strengths of each cycle phase, I found my own productivity pattern and improved my overall well-being. Now, I want to help other people to overcome these challenges and in turn help businesses thrive.

Aside from my personal experience, my approach to link menstrual health with work outcomes is strongly influenced by my education as a health economist. I have expertise in the field of public health, health technology assessment and health care management. My personal interest and knowledge of research about the economic and social consequences of menstruation led me to found Work That Period.

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